Spanish: Tots

Ages: 1-3 years (12-36 months)



In this interactive class specially designed for young toddlers (12-36 mo), children are immersed in the language through music and play with the guidance of their best teacher, you! Parents have the opportunity to bond with their children in their native tongue or learn alongside their little ones.

If you want your child to reap the cognitive benefits of being bilingual, ​early exposure is a must! Why wait till preschool? The research is clear. Earlier is better!

Each session is 8 weeks long with classes being held once a week. Each class is approximately 45 minutes long. Sequential enrollment is not required. Students may start in any session.

Session A: La Hora de Comer (Meal time)

Session B: La hora del Baño (Bath time)

Session C: A Jugar (Let's Play)

Preschool: Spanish

Ages: 3-5 years


Preschool Spanish is 1 hour long and is held once a week during an 8 week session.

Unlike Spanish Tots, parents are not required to stay and guide their children. This is a drop-off class. So, children should be able to follow basic directions.


Each class will start and end with circle time, where we'll cover the ABC's, numbers, days of the week, and other preschool basics through songs and plenty of movement. The core of each class will have a unique topic. Your child will not simply memorize a few Spanish words. Our sessions are organized in a manner that promotes real living language. 

Session A: Habia una vez...

In this storybook themed session, we'll break down a different story each week as we learn Spanish through interactive activities that will foster understanding of the different aspects of each story.


  • Children must be between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. *Children as young as 2.5 may enroll if parents speak Spanish regularly at home. (Please talk to us first.)

  • Children must be walking and talking.

  • Children enrolling in this class must be fully potty trained or if in diapers/pull-ups, parents must be available if needed. Teachers will not assist children in the bathroom.


Host a class

all ages up to 5



Have a group of kids who want to learn Spanish? Host a class!


Ages: 6-18 months

Music, puppets, finger plays and classic rhymes!

Groups must be between 5 and 10 students.

8 Week sessions of weekly 45 minute classes.

Price: $120 per student, free for host's first child. 


Ages: 16-36 months

Music, games, stories, and hands on activities!

Groups must be between 6 and 10 students.

8 Week sessions of weekly 45 minute classes.

Price: $124 per student, free for host's first child.

Music & Movement

Ages: 6 months-5 years

Music, dancing, and classic group games!

Groups must be between 5 and 15 students.

4 week sessions of weekly 30 minute classes.

Price: $44 per student, free for host's first child.


Spanish: Babies

Whether you're a native speaker or a beginner, you can get your baby started on that bilingual advantage! Bond with your baby as they explore the world through tummy time, sensory play, and of course, music. And do it all in Spanish!

There's a critical period in sound development that occurs before the first year. Simply put, if you give a child adequate exposure to another language during the first year, that child will have a much better chance of attaining native-like fluency. So don't wait! 

In this class we really focus on the bonding little ones need to develop language (among many other skills!) through a variety of music, puppets, finger plays and classic rhymes!


Classes are 45 minutes long, once a week for 8 weeks! No Spanish required for the accompanying caregiver. 




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